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S James's bookshelf: read

Critical Path
really liked it
Great book. I enjoyed the vision of future from this artist/scientist. Dr Fuller was born very nearsighted which changed his perspective on everything. With his methodical documentation, the book makes for a fascinating read.
Rebuilding the Inner City: A History of Neighborhood Initiatives to Address Poverty in the United States
liked it
Comprehensive history of what organizations have tried and implemented to 'Rebuild the inner City.'
Breakpoint And Beyond: Mastering The Future  Today
really liked it
Cleaver book, it's true that to predict the future one must make it. The main point is 'When life gives you lemons make lemonade aid.'
The God In The Clear Rock
really liked it
A lot of technology in a small package, it's a series and there is many more to come. The author is a scientist, inventor, and has a way of adding the current tech into his book. Interesting writing style. For a weekend free reading, it ...
The God Delusion
liked it
From a scientific standpoint it was fantastic. From a Christian standpoint it was alright.
Life of Pi
really liked it
I liked it had a interesting religious flare!